McGowan Twins

McGowan Twins
We can hardly wait to get our precious girls!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doubly Blessed

Millions of orphans around the world wait for parents of their own, but most will never know the love of a family. Our hearts break for the boys and girls who will never know what it is like to belong to someone who loves them dearly.

As you may know, we adopted Victoria Elyse nearly 4 years ago. She was born with the heart problems Tetralogy of Fallot and Pulminary Attresia. Ever since open heart surgery, Victoria has done great and we are so thankful that she is our daughter! We went into the adoption to make a difference in a child's life and to give her the love of a family. While this has happened, Victoria has changed our lives as well and she is an incredible gift from God.

Once again God is calling us to adopt. He has led us to be open to significant special needs and to consider adopting someone who would have a much harder time of finding a family.

We are excited to announce that 2 little girls in China won't have to wait much longer for a mommy and daddy! Our beautiful twins have been living in an orphanage since birth and we can hardly wait to bring them home. The girls are almost 2 years years old and their cribs are next to each other in the orphanage.

Lingli has cerebral palsy and cannot sit up. She can hold her head up while lying on her tummy and look around. We do not know what Lingli will be able to do, but we do know that her life in a family will be far better than the life she would have in an orphanage. Her twin, Lingyi, is healthy and active.

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