McGowan Twins

McGowan Twins
We can hardly wait to get our precious girls!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Leaving for China in the Morning!

We left for Chicago this morning to pick up our visas at the Chinese Consulate. That went smoothly and now we are at the hotel. In the morning, we will be on a flight to China! The first leg is from Chicago to Tokyo. It would be great to see Japan for a couple of hours during the layover, but we do not have visas for Japan. After a 4.5 hour layover, we fly to Shanghai and arrive late tomorrow night. Or I guess that is the next morning here! It gets confusing with the 14 hour time difference.

The following morning, a driver will pick us up at the hotel and take us to the train station for a 6.5 hour train ride to Nanchang. We will stay at the hotel where we stayed when we met our little Victoria for the first time and became her parents. The following day, we will visit Victoria's former orphanage for the first time. After several hours at the orphanage, we will return to Nanchang for the night.

The next morning, we will take a train to Changsha. We cannot get the twins until January 14th (January 13th in the United States). Our contact in China has us scheduled to visit a couple of other orphanages before we get Annaliese and Aliza to meet orphans so that we can come back and find the boys and girls families. I will let you know about the orphans we meet in case you realize one of them is your son or daughter! :)

Thank you friends, for all of the prayers, encouragement and financial help to give 2 little girls a family! We appreciate everything so much!

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