McGowan Twins

McGowan Twins
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meeting Orphans at Chenzhou

January 18, 2013

The translator, Amy, traveled with us to Chenzhou and spent the night and an extra day with us so that she could return to the orphanage with me to help me interview boys and girls that need families. While Marshall, Daniel and Victoria entertained Annie and Aliza in the hotel, Amy, Trevor and I headed back to spend several hours with orphans. We met quite a few sweet boys and girls that would do wonderful in a family. Once we get all of the pictures uploaded, I will start telling you about these amazing children that just need someone to give them a chance. Maybe YOU can be a child’s answer to prayer.

It was great to see that the Chenzhou Orphanage staff really cares about the kids. There were many tears shed by a nanny that took care of our little girls. She was so happy that the girls now have a mom and dad, but she will also greatly miss them. I am glad that someday I will be able to let our daughters know that someone cared so much. She and the orphanage director said they were so happy that Annie and Aliza were adopted into a large family. They know it will help Annie a lot to have so much attention lots of people that love her.

In the past, have visited some orphanages where there are no toys and the walls are bare. At Chenzhou, there are bright murals painted on some of the walls, toys and exercise equipment. They are trying to make the orphanage the best place that they can until moms and dads come find their kids.

After we finished meeting the boys and girls and learning about them from their nannies, we needed to eat and head to the train station again. We said goodbye to our wonderful translator, Amy, and she returned to Changsha. Of course Marshall had to pose for the usual photographs with Nicolas Cage’s adoring fans at the train station. Daniel had several girls telling him how “beautiful” he is again and wanting pictures with him as well. A lot of them seem to be fascinated with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Even some older man came up to touch his hair! We took the high speed train again after going through all the craziness at the train station again and headed to Guangzhou.

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