McGowan Twins

McGowan Twins
We can hardly wait to get our precious girls!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Water Buffalo

Ever since Veggie Tales came out with a song about how everyone needs a water buffalo, some of our children have been very interested in seeing a water buffalo. We had never seen one until this trip. As we rode the train for 6 ½ hours to Nanchang, there were many water buffalo that we rode past, most of them in rice fields. It was fun to see all of the water buffalo, but we had an even more exciting experience when traveling in a van and saw a couple of water buffalo walking next to the rode with their owners. The driver was kind enough to pull over so we could get a good look at the water buffalo. The translator explained to the farmer that Daniel would like to pet his water buffalo and he even offered for Daniel to sit on it. The water buffalo looked nervous, so we declined the buffalo ride, but the kids were excited to get their pictures taken with it.

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